Do Not Miss Today's Broker Tour!

Today, May 16, there are two open houses that you do not want to miss out on! The time is 11 am - 1 pm. One of the open houses is 4005 St. Claude, a Gorgeous Bywater property, commercial zoned, $575,000. This architectural gem is nestled under a gorgeous oak tree on oversized lot with 10 car gated parking. Rare crown mouldings & plaster ceiling medallions. Commercial designation allows for restaurant, bakery, bar, & more or as a home.

Get Our School On - Forms Class

"Get Our School On" series - Form Class was presented by Kathleen Ford. Kathleen is a Realtor/Office Manager for Revolution. During this class, Kathleen educated the Agents/Realtors on what was necessary for the MLS, how to complete forms correctly, what forms are needed, the difference between forms, necessary contracts, etc. She had a great visual on the television screen, and Bryant helped her out by scrolling to the specific item being discussed. There were questions, answers, and information to implement in Real Estate. Classes in the future will be emailed or available on Social Media.


We want to thank Title Stream for presenting a Social Media Class to all Agents at the Carrollton Uptown office, on Thursday, May 11. It was a great event where Realtors had an introductory on how to utilize Social Media in the Real Estate Market. Amanda did a great job by answering questions, giving us tools, and visuals. Effie will be hosting, "Get Your School On," by offering presentations, CE classes, etc. to Agents/Realtors in the upcoming months. Keep a look out on Social Media for upcoming events.


It is very difficult for children to move to a new place. They love the familiarity with their home and surroundings, and it is hard for them to make the change. To help them with this transition, keep them involved. When searching for a home, have them look at virtual tours, pictures. Ask what they like about the house. Once a decision has been made, have a mini celebration with the family.

Short Term Rentals

The City Council adopted a series of ordinances on December 1, 2016 regarding Short Term Rentals. A Short Term Rental Administration was than developed and is responsible for licensing, regulations, and enforcement of short term rentals. The new Ordinances and Regulations went into effect on April 1, 2017. To find out more information about licensing and regulations visit the website at

Scents for Your Home

The holidays are now over and you miss the fragrances. You can still keep your home smelling great throughout the year.

Create an oil spray by adding about 10 drops of your favorite oil to a water bottle and spritz the air with it. Boiling lemon, mint, rosemary, or any of your favorite herbs in water on the stove will fill the air with your favorite aroma.  Grinding citrus such as lemon peels, orange, and lime in your garbage disposal will take away unwanted odors. Your home will have its own bouquet of freshness. Enjoy the essence of your home.


The Revolution Realty team got together for a Holiday Party at the Fair Grounds Race Course on January 5.The event was hosted by Effie at the clubhouse with a great meal, drinks, and if you were feeling lucky, you could place bets on the various Horse Races.


On January 6th, The Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc’s celebrates the birthday of Saint Joan of Arc. Joan was the military hero in the city Orléans, France. In the french market, you can catch the sight of her golden statue. The statue is a copy of the one in Paris. And was a present to the city of New Orleans from the French people.

Effie Chaisson Broker/Agent Revolution Realty

 Effie Chaisson started off the New Year with beginning a series of videos. This 2017 series will be introducing Revolution Realty's agents, office locations and services provided. Keep a look out for these upcoming blogs of information and fun!