Back to Work after Holiday Celebrations

Now that the holiday festivities are over, it is time to get back on the job. After the continued celebrations, it is sometimes hard to get back in the groove. Let's start the year out fresh by checking your messages either phone or emails. Begin at work with your goals, make a list, prioritize, get organized by cleaning up, and cleaning out at work same as home. Add some items that make you feel good to your work space. Have a fabulous 2019.


Not wanting to venture out to the many Celebrations in the City. Ring in the New Year with close friends and family at your home. Set up a guest list and send out a clever invite by creating an event in Face book, texts, emails with R.S.V.P. If you have not taken down your holiday decorations, just add a little glitz to the party. You can also keep the decorations simple with metallic napkins, candles and some silver or gold for the table.

At Home Activites During the Holiday Break

It is after the Christmas holiday and your children are still on break from school. Here are a few tips to keep the kids busy: 1. Help them write or create thank you notes for gifts they received from out of town family or friends, etc. They can make their own decorative cards, draw pictures, print or write them out on their own. 2. Busy playing with all their gifts. 3. Take this opportunity to get rid of the old, by having Charity Bags. Everyone can give their discarded toys and other items to the less fortunate. You can start this tradition by having a Charity bag of your own. 4.

When Should You Take Down the Christmas Tree?

One of the hardest clean up jobs after the holiday is taking down the Christmas tree. Tradition would dictate the time to be twelve days after Christmas or Twelfth Night. It is considered bad luck if you leave it up any longer. You are the one to decide the best time to take disassemble the tree or put it to the curb. It is a time consuming job to take off and carefully wrap your ornaments, take the lights off, etc. In a year, it will start all over again. Hope you had a joyous holiday.

Holiday Centerpieces for Your Table

Decorate your dinner by making do it yourself Centerpieces. One suggestion is to use a small wreath in the center of your table. Embellish it with bows or small ornaments and place a candle globe in the center. A festive bowl filled with ornaments and a taper candle in the center makes a nice display. Another idea would be to decorate several mason jars in a holiday motif and add candles. Your tree cuttings tied with a big bow in the center of your table will not only look pretty but smell good too.

Christmas Theme Parties

Looking for ideas for Holiday get together. Here are a few fun ideas. Have a lunch with friends with a pink and cream theme. Use the colors throughout your home, table settings, and even have your drinks and food to match. A lot of people have fun with a Holiday Ornament exchange. Your guests will bring an ornament, pick a person’s name out of a drawing, and that person will receive their ornament. If you love to sing carols, have a Christmas candle party. Have a candle for each guest and song sheets. Make candle holders a head of time in decorated used bottles, painted cans, foil, etc.

Stress Free Holiday Party

With a lot of activities going on during the holidays, keep your party simple. People can come and go with an elegant cocktail party. Serving drinks and appetizers will make it easy for your guests to enjoy conversations, and they can also come and go. Make a list of who you want to invite. Be creative with invites with texts, emails, Face book invites. This will not only save on stamps, but you will be able to set up an rsvp for an accurate head count. In you invite, make sure that you note to your guests that it is just drinks and appetizers so they will eat prior.

Holiday Home Tours - New Orleans Tradition

There are several Historic Homes in New Orleans decked out for the Holiday Season. If you want to tour these homes dressed up in their finest, check out the following website for dates, times, and cost: Share this fun event with family and friends who are in town celebrating the holidays. Get in the spirit of New Orleans from long ago.

Terrazzo-Making a New Comeback

Terrazzo is making a comeback, and is being used for floors, back splashes and walls. It is unique with chips of glass, marble and other embedded materials. You can purchase this material in polish or matte finishes in different colors. It requires minimal maintenance; the colors stay vibrant and will not fade. Terrazzo lasts a lifetime of a building! Check out this material for your home when you are redesigning or building.

Keeping Your Home Cozy

During the winter months, the days are shorter and cooler. To keep your spirits up, try adding more light to the room with lamps and other creative lighting styles. Get cozy with pillows and throw blankets that will add color and texture. Textile rugs for your bathroom will keep the chill down, especially on those cold mornings. Pretty comforters and quilts will not only make your bedroom pretty but keep you from being cold on the winter nights. Enjoy baking your favorite recipes. It will add a wonderful smell and warmth.